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        Tokyo Super -Ordinary Portland Cement

        • Acclaimed for general construction purposes
        • Applications: Concreting slabs / drive ways, block making, pre-cast panels, brick laying, mortars etc...
        • Can be used for both structural & non-structural concrete
        • Available in 50 Kg packs & bulk carrier

        • “Tokyo Super” Ordinary Portland cement is manufactured to conform to Sri Lanka Standard Specification SLS 107:2008 Strength Class 42.5N requirement.
        • Factory fresh cement.
        • Assured good quality.
        • Economically priced cement.
        • Compatible with chemical admixtures.



        Tokyo Super + - Blended Hydraulic Cement

        • Appropriate for concrete under normal and aggressive environments (Marine, Marshy Lands, Sulphate Soils. Etc...)
        • Can be used for general construction
        • Recommend for High Performance concrete, mass concretes and as a low heat cement
        • Available in 50 Kg packs & bulk carrier
        • Highest 100 Day Strength



        • “Tokyo Super +” Blended Hydraulic cement is a blended cement manufactured to conform to Sri Lanka Standard Specification SLS 1247:2008 Strength Class 42.5 N requirement.
        • Manufactured by inter grinding Portland Cement clinker with fly ash (Fly Ash is a supplementary cementitious material, which react to form cementitious compounds)
        • Greener Cement (Helps to reduce use of virgin material and green-house gas emission)
        • Suitable for aggressive environments


        Nippon Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

        • The No. 1 choice for concrete which requires high compressive strength
        • Highly recommended for large scale infrastructure projects
        • Applications: Pre-stressed concrete, Railway sleepers, Bridges, Foundations, Cement building blocks, etc…
        • Can be used as general purpose cement & in cement mortars / grouts / plasters for improved results
        • Available in 50 Kg packs & bulk carrier

        • Nippon” is the premium brand of cement manufactured by Tokyo Cement Co. (Lanka) PLC. 
        • “Nippon” is the first cement to obtain SLS 107 certification in Sri Lanka.
        • Conforms to requirements given in Sri Lanka standard specification SLS107:2008 strength class 42.5N for Ordinary Portland Cement.
        • Super fine particle of cement results higher compressive strength smooth surfaces and good bonding with steel.
        • Quality is ascertained by advanced testing methods.
        • Compatible with chemical admixtures used in concrete.

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