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    2. Research & Development

      One of the turbines from a Vertical Roller Mill that crushes the clinker to a precise size, guaranteeing strict quality controls on the end product.

      An employee cutting steel for repairs

      An engineer checking one of the super computers that connect the manufacturing mechanisms to monitoring system that can be adjusted in-house according to production needs or trouble-shooted by the manufacturer in Germany

      A lab technician testing whether the chemical composition of a new clinker supply meets our stringent standards.

      A laser used to determine the fineness of cement particles

      Our state-of-the-art biomass plant that generates 10MW of power with zero carbon emissions

      An engineer records readings from our pressure gauges at our biomass power plant

      An engineer pulls out a new filter to be installed into our desalination facility.


      Production Capacity Improvement

      Tokyo Cement remained the largest dedicated cement manufacturer, despite the competition by many local and foreign cement brands. The company continues to invest in research and development (R&D), to strengthen our core products and extend our value-added cement portfolio.


      Concrete R&D Center

      In 2012, we took our R&D activities a step further, by opening an independent cement laboratory in Dambulla that offers testing facilities for construction firms, house builders and even competitors.


      New Product Development

      Tokyo Cement continues to develop new cement related products and introduce international best practices to Sri Lanka’s construction industry in a bid to support industry development and provide better value for consumers. This process of introducing innovative building technologies and techniques, have gained in importance in Sri Lanka, due to rapid urbanisation and rise in demand for land.

      Currently there is an urgent need to reexamine town planning, space management and the efficient use of raw materials for construction purposes, in Sri Lanka. While the Tokyo Cement group looks for ways to develop new cement related products, the construction industry in Sri Lanka as a whole, still lags somewhat, in terms of modernisation.

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