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    2. History and Milestones

      History – Chronicling the Journey of an Industry Heavyweight

      In 1982 , a shared vision between enterprising individuals culminated in the establishment of Sri Lanka's first privately-owned cement manufacturing company – Tokyo Super Cement Lanka Limited.

      The partnership between Japan's multi-national industrial conglomerate, Nippon Coke and Engineering Company, and Sri Lanka's Saint Anthony's Consolidated, a business group with interests in hardware and textiles, resulted in the manufacture of a local brand of cement adhering to international standards; where the late industrialist Deshamanya A.Y.S. Gnanam, former Country Manager of Mitsui Company Limited Mr. Asano and Mr. Komath Subara, President of Mitsui Mining Company, Japan's global titan in the coal and cement business, recognized the inherent potential of Trincomalee as a cement manufacturing hub.

      The launch of a modern cement factory in this eastern port city marked the arrival of Tokyo Cement on the construction industry landscape. The Company would enhance its profile as the frontrunner in the local cement production business over the next twenty years with various ground breaking feats. The modernisation and expansion of the jetty at the Trincomalee port by Tokyo Cement improved throughput efficiency by over 300%. The company also set up Sri Lanka's most state-of-art bagging plant in 2002. We at Tokyo Cement are committed to supporting Sri Lankan master builders by delivering products of the highest quality which stand the rigours of time, and ensuring our customers enjoy a world class commodity at an affordable price.



      A tradition of excellence spanning over a quarter of a century has accrued a mass of industry firsts for Tokyo Cement, Sri Lanka's first privately-owned cement manufacturing initiative.

      We lead the field in receiving the SLS, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications and pioneered the country's first automated cement factory.

      We further introduced other ground breaking initiatives such as the manufacture of special high blaine quality cements; the use of the pipe conveyor system, the electronic rotary packer and the vertical roller press; and were the first to secure a captive power plant.

      The company also initiated skill development seminars for masons, recognising the symbiosis between technology advancement and skill development as a part of our efforts to uplift the local industry as a whole.

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