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    2. Social

      Working together to pass the NVQ Testing

      Lecture at the AYS Gnanam Construction Training Academy

      Dr Ismail awarding NVQ Certification to a Mason

      Building walls for the NVQ Qualification

      Winning the Best Educational CSR Project for AYS Gnanam Construction Training Academy

      Post-Tsunami Housing Project, Trincomalee

      The provision of new homes meant that many of the recipients could focus on rebuilding their lives, and start their own businesses

      A babe and his mother in front of their new home



       1. AYS Gnanam Construction Training Academy

      Established in 2012, the AYS Gnanam Construction Training Academy offers school-leavers with technical skills training so that they might have occupational opportunities in masonry and construction fields. In an era in which our nation rebuilds, the demand for skilled labour outweighs the supply, thereby making this not just a timeless and useful skill set, but a lucrative one. The institute provides scholarship-based two month courses with theoretical and practical classes, room and board, meals and entertainment, certification and job placement.

      Not only are we equipping these young builders with the tools and abilities to build literal and figurative foundations for their lives, but we are exposing them to exciting new technologies yet to be introduced to the market place that pass through Tokyo Cement’s Dambulla Laboratories. Thereby giving our students a slight advantage over those that may already be working in the field. We hope that this institute grows, our programs expand, and our alumni play a vital role in building the future.

      2. Tokyo Cement National Schools’ Quiz 2013

      We must prepare our children for the world that they are to live in. With every generation the world becomes more crowded and competitive; while resources and opportunities diminish with each passing day.

      So we are proud to announce that Tokyo Cement, in collaboration with Swarnavahini, and endorsed by the Ministry of Education will be launching the first truly ALL-island education competition.  “Tokyo Cement National Schools’ Quiz 2013” will pit schools from across the nation against each other, no matter the language they speak, the race or religion they identify with or whether they hail from village or city. In this inaugural competition we’re sending out invitations to 9000+ schools across the country, representatives of which will take comprehensive academic tests to become one of the 32 schools that will be featured on Swarnavahini’s TV show. They will fight for school pride, individual recognition and to be in contention for attractive personal prizes, as well as a lump sum worth millions for the development of their campus, furnished by Tokyo Cement. We look forward to this new program and hope that this sparks a fire in every student island-wide to pursue academics as they would the arts and competitive sports.

      3. Murali’s Unity through Cricket

      When Sri Lankan cricket legend and all-round good guy, Muttiah Muralitharan, came to us with a proposal to build cricket pitches in the North and East with his “Foundation for Goodness” and the Sri Lankan Army we rose to the opportunity. Providing cement, concrete and technical expertise for sixty pitches seemed like a small price to pay for a truly rehabilitative program in a largely neglected part of the country. The prospect of potential national legends being groomed on pitches built with our concrete gives us Goosebumps.

      4. School Nutrition Program

      For almost a decade we’ve sponsored lunch programs for several schools in impoverished communities to increase attendance levels, while ensuring that these growing children receive their necessary daily nourishment.

      5. Tsunami Relief

      Almost as a reflex, we took immediate action and organisation of resources in the aftermath of the devastating 2004 tsunami, predominantly providing relief on the most devastated and underserved east coast.

      6. Post Tsunami Housing

      We built and handed over twenty-five new homes and a community centre for Trincomale- adjacent villagers whose homes and worldly possessions were washed away with the receding waves of the tsunami.

      7. Agricultural Empowerment 

      We first started working with farmers through our biomass power project, in which we would collect and compensate said farmers for their agricultural waste such as paddy husk that they would traditionally dump or burn. We grew this relationship with farmers, explaining what we were doing with their waste and providing them with alternative techniques to increase their yields and their incomes.

      Eventually we began creating and encouraging outgrowers of Gliricidia, a fast growing stick that is primarily used for fencing, but repurposed as a clean biological fuel for our biomass power generation. Not only did we provide these farmers with the crop, and compensate them for their yield, we also provided them with other crops that they could eat and live off. Making them self-sustaining and propagating biodiversity on their plots.

      8. Fostering Dealership Networks

      Every year, as a token of our appreciation for all their hard work, we send hundreds of the nation’s top performing cement dealers and their families on exciting and luxurious tours across the world, accompanied by corporate executives who happily volunteer to host them through their global adventures.



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